Special Devices Inc. is your solutions provider for precision engineered energetic devices.

Our Standard Product line consists of high reliability initiators and Micro Gas Generators (MGG’s) for a variety of applications. With over 1 Billion of these devices produced and in use worldwide, SDI has demonstrated the extreme reliability of our products.

In addition to our Standard Product line, SDI offers Specialized Products and Custom Products which can be tailored especially for your unique applications. We specialize in high volume production of pyrotechnic products and can provide innovative technical solutions to meet your design needs. When your designs require very high speed activation (<10ms) and very high reliability, Special Devices’ pyrotechnic devices may be the perfect answer to your project needs.

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High Speed Pyro/Mechanical Devices

Whenever you need actions or work done with high speed and high reliability, Pyro/Mechanical Devices may be tailored to your application. Latching, releasing, pushing, pulling, cutting, separating….all done in milliseconds.

  • Pin Pullers/Pushers
  • Thrusters
  • Cable Cutters
  • Pyro Disconnects
  • Cartridge Actuated Devices
  • Separation Bolts/Nuts

Energetic Materials

Explosives, gas generants, propellants, pyrotechnics…generate light, heat, flame, pressure, gas or shock waves. SDI can produce a large variety of common and exotic Energetic Materials as well as tailor these materials to your unique requirements.

  • Gas Generants
  • Ignition Compositions
  • Propellants

High Volume Manufacturing

SDI produces over 1.5 Million high precision, high reliability pyrotechnic devices per week. Much of this capability is performed by precision automation designed, produced and integrated by SDI. We provide High Volume Manufacturing solutions.

  • Product optimization for high volume production
  • Automation design and development
  • Custom automation

Initiation & Ignition

Initiation & Ignition devices are the core of SDI’s products. We have produced over 1 BILLION of these types of devices for industries such as aerospace, defense, military, automotive, mining, special effects, law enforcement and others.

  • Initiators
  • Igniters
  • Primers
  • Squibs
  • Detonators

Gas Generation

Inflatable products, fire suppression systems, automotive safety devices and numerous other applications rely on precision Gas Generation devices produced by SDI. These devices provide high reliability and rapid actuation in a large variety of systems.

  • Gas generators
  • Pyro inflator devices
  • Micro-Gas Generators

Custom Design & Development

SDI has the ability to apply a structured Design & Development approach that can be readily applied to your unique application requirements. Whether it is tailoring of an existing product or a completely “clean sheet” design solution, we have the capability.

  • Custom design solutions
  • Development engineering
  • Analysis
  • Validation testing